Lactation & Postpartum Consulting

Postpartum Plan

Lactation and Postpartum Care:
Regain the Former You

Four Corners Aesthetics and Women’s Health is proud to announce the addition of our Postpartum Care line. Focused on providing you a comfortable and peaceful environment where you can resolve post-partum difficulties you may have centered on breastfeeding and also receive services that can assist you in minimizing the physical impact of pregnancy and childbirth. Spring Devaux RN offers lactation services billable through your insurance as well as payment plans via CareCredit for our Aesthetic services.

Call to set up a consultation on how our care can help,
Regain the Former You.

Services offered:

  • Lactation Education- Guidance from a certified lactation specialist
  • Breast-pumps machines billable through insurance or rental
  • Sublative and Genisis Laser Care-Shrinks and fades operative scars and stretch marks.
  • IPL Laser Care- Treats Chloasma (Mask of Pregnancy) removes dark and blotchy patches
  • Genesis 2 Laser Care- This techniques removes spider vein

Pre and Postpartum Care Services

Preconception Counseling

Preconception counseling provides an opportunity to address family history and genetics, health history issues, and preparation for pregnancy emotionally, physically, nutritionally, and medically.

Postpartum Care

Traditionally, the postpartum “period” is thought of as the six weeks following birth. Clearly, issues following birth may occur beyond that period. Our team provides a comprehensive approach to all the issues that can arise following childbirth.

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